"Communities, Disaster & Change" is a traveling exhibition coordinated by the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive, in Valdez, Alaska. It provides a twist on the fiftieth anniversary of the Good Friday Earthquake commemoration through its connection with other communities and other disasters. The exhibit will travel around the state as well as to Oregon, and Hawaii. The full travel schedule and complete online gallery of the exhibit can be seen here.

This blog serves as a place to host a global conversation about the indomitable nature of the human spirit and communities' reactions to change, how they survive disaster and how they rebuild for the future. We hope this can be a tool for people like you, all across the world, to reach out and share your stories on survival and the will to carry on.

If you have seen the exhibit whether online or in person we want to know your reaction to the work of these twenty-eight Alaskan artists. Please join us in an ongoing conversation, and chime in with your thoughts, views and your personal stories of your community, disaster, and change.

26 June 2015

Ron Senungutuk, A Lifetime of Art

Ron Senungetuk from Asia Freeman on Vimeo

This video about Ron Senungetuk, created for the Alaska State Council on the Arts by Alaskan artist Michael Walsh, highlights the life and work of the 2014 Governor's Awardee for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts & Humanities.

Ron Senungetuk is an Alaskan Inupiat who grew up along the Bering Sea in Wales, the most western point on the American mainland. Retired from academics, he continues to be an active, vibrant artist living in picturesque Homer, Alaska. Ron is regarded as Alaska's foremost living Native artist and founded the Native Arts Center while he was chair of the art department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for 30 years. His pieces are carved and colored wood that build on the traditions if the Bering Sea people. Ron is the major force behind the resurgence of contemporary native art in Alaska. He has stimulated & supported the careers of numerous native artists who have gained renown in their own right.


Ron Senungetuk
CDC Artist

The Valdez Museum is grateful to the Rasmuson Foundation for the 2014 award of its annual Art Acquisition Initiative grant for the purchase of five new acquisitions of contemporary art to the collection. One of which was Ron Senungutuk's "Extreme's." The vimeo above shows Senungetuk's skilled craftsmanship in wood carving.


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